Olin College of Engineering is a new school by most standards. It was founded in 1997, and graduated its first class in 2006. The campus itself, though, was built before the curriculum, culture, or even the size of the student body was fully established, which means the buildings have some major flaws.

"Retrofitting a college" features selections of work from from my 4-year engagement as a student working to make Olin's buildings work for its people: realigning our resources with the needs and culture of the Olin community.

I started this work in 2014 when I joined the Olin Workshop on the Library (OWL), a group aimed at rethinking our campus library. This engagement helped spark a movement of other similar projects across campus, including my work reinventing the library during the OWL Summer Design/Build, my work branding for levity in the Machine Shop, and my try at fostering slow conversation via a pop-up coffeeshop project. I have been proud to be a part of this student-driven institutional change throughout my college experience additionally through my work on the Library Staff and as a Fabrication Instructor in our Machine Shop.