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Telling the Soofa story

Prototyping an interface


Making eye contact



Gabrielle Clarke is a human-centered designer, design researcher, and strategist from San Diego, California. She graduated from Olin College of Engineering in 2018 with a degree in engineering and a concentration in human-centered design. She loves thinking about challenging problems at the system level, and also refining small details.

She is currently a Product Design Associate at Livongo Health.

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As we further developed user personas we saw there was a second need: the process of donating things needed to be generally easier.

We pivoted our design concept to a platform that would allow users to find local donation centers, learn more about the centers and their causes, and then to schedule donation pick-ups by both donation center employees and volunteer drivers.

We decided our project would most logically exist not as a mobile app, but as a website most frequently accessed on a mobile device.