Improving air quality

Co-designing with doulas

Creating meaningful metrics

Adapting wayfinding


Fostering slow conversation

Playing in public

Reinventing the library

Designing an exhibit

User Experience

Telling the Soofa story

Prototyping an interface


Making eye contact



Gabrielle Clarke is a human-centered designer, design researcher, and strategist from San Diego, California. She graduated from Olin College of Engineering in 2018 with a degree in engineering and a concentration in human-centered design. She loves thinking about challenging problems at the system level, and also refining small details.

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A brief exploration in printmaking

Preliminary Base

Handprinted book from woodcut, 2016. Video by Nur Shlapobersky.

An organic black and white motif printed on toothy white paper overlaps a ghost of itself.

Oyster I

Linocut, 2016.

Hey for four

Handprinted book from lasercut woodblock, 2016.

Lasercut woodblock. From the making of Hey for four, 2016.
Book construction. From the making of Hey for four, 2016.


Handprinted book. Polyester plate lithography on a variety of papers, 2017. Video by Nur Shlapobersky.

Two distorted line-art sketches of the face of a young man printed in black on white paper stare at the viewer and beyond the page.

Keenan, Omniscient

Screenprint, 2016.

Two white hexagonal shapes come together as one on black paper, but their time together is limited.

Departures IV

Relief print from cut plastic matrix with frosted acrylic sewn on top, 2016.

A tapestry hangs on a white wall amidst green plants, showing an image repeated three times but descending into chaos.

Tryptic tapestry

Woodcut on cotton muslin, 2016.

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Keywords: art

Independent and class projects, 2016 – 2017
Olin College Library Workroom, Wellesley College Book Arts Lab, and Dactyl Press