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Improving air quality
Co-designing with doulas
Creating meaningful metrics
Adapting wayfinding

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Reinventing the library
Designing an exhibit
Branding for levity

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Telling the Soofa story
Prototyping an interface

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Making eye contact


I’m Gabrielle Clarke. I'm a manager, design researcher, human-centered designer, and engineer from San Diego, California. I graduated from Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Massachusetts in 2018 with a degree in engineering and a concentration in human-centered design. I love thinking about problems at the system level, and also refining small details.

Last year, I worked as a research and development intern at female-founded smart city sustainable hardware start-up Soofa on user engagement projects throughout the company. I’m currently taking a break from the tech world to explore my love for food and working with people as a restaurant manager at The Crack Shack.

In life, I enjoy traveling and learning new things. I have a particular fondness for Southern California weather, good Mexican food, and rock and roll.


Designing an exhibit on assistive and adaptive technologies

environment and experience design, fabrication, accessibility, graphic and communication design, installation and pop-up

This project was for Return Design, a student-populated design studio at Olin College of Engineering led by Tim Ferguson Sauder. The studio provides free design work for non-profits, art organizations, and other people seeking to do good in the world. We help people who help people.

The project involved designing, fabricating, and installing an exhibit for the South by South Lawn Festival at the White House. Hosted by President Obama and inspired by South by Southwest, South by South Lawn (SXSL) brought together over 2000 innovators, organizers, and changemakers in the social justice sphere to share ideas. Olin professor Sara Hendren was invited to exhibit works from her lab, the adaptation + ability group at Olin, at the festival. She asked us at Return Design to help design and fabricate her exhibit. We also installed the exhibit on the South Lawn of the White House for the day-long festival and presented Sara's works throughout the day. Read more about the project on our Exposure site.

Sketching & prototyping

The exhibit featured 6 of the projects from the a+a lab, and was designed to require some adaptive tech (a ramp) in order to make the booth accessible.

Design & fabrication

We fabricated the booth entirely on-campus, with a little help from our Machine Shop instructors. We CNC-routed and then finished and painted the wood panels. We made brackets to connect the panel by bending steel.


We unpacked and assembled the booth on the White House Lawn the day before the event. We touched up damages to the paint work incurred during travel, applied final vinyl graphics, and installed screens on the panels.


We walked festival attendees through the exhibit and met some cool folks along the way, including Valerie Jarret, Senior Adviser to President Obama, and the White House accessibility coordinator, Maria Town.

Project details

Designer and Fabricator
September - October 2016
Return Design
Team:  Jeff Goldenson, Aaron Greiner, Sara Hendren, Tim Ferguson Sauder, Keenan Zucker